(2020) Documentary Series 6 part

HBO Documentary Films

Cinematographer: Jeff Dolen

Director: James Hernandez, Brian Lazarte

A documentary series from Executive Producer Mark Wahlberg, McMillions chronicles the stranger-than-fiction story of an ex-cop turned security auditor who rigged McDonald’s Monopoly game promotion for a decade, stealing millions of dollars and building a vast network of co-conspirators across the U.S.


(2017) Documentary Series 12 part

Black Pills / Pulse

Cinematographer: Episode 1-3

Director: Tani Ikeda

This season follows 5 activists as they fight to prevent the building of 2 new jails in LA County. Activists include Patrisse Khan Cullors, Black Lives Matter Co-Founder, an activist and mother Helen Jones-Phillip, formally incarcerated activist Jayda Rasberry, trans activist Bamby Salcedo and Immigrant Youth Coalition co-founder Jonathan Perez.

The Other Side of Home

 (2016) Documentary Short 

Feeln from Hallmark

Cinematographer: Jeff Dolen

Director: Naré Mkrtchyan


In 1915, estimated 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Turks, during the Armenian Genocide. In 2015, a Turkish woman named Maya discovers that her great grandmother was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. Maya embodies the conflict as she has two enemies living in her body: one side that suffers and the other side that denies. The documentary follows Maya as she decides to go to Armenia to take part in the 100th commemoration of the genocide and to explore her conflicted identity. This film is a universal story of identity, denial, and how the experience of genocide creates a ripple effect for future generations on both sides.

Best Documentary Short Subject Shortlist for the 89th ACADEMY AWARDS®

Winner of Best Documentary Film Award for the 19th Annual ARPA International Film Festival

Animal Storm Squad

(2014) Documentary Series

National Geographics Wild

Cinematographer: Episode 1

Producer: Mark Teague

A group of veteran storm chasers have assembled the ultimate first-responder team for the rescue of trapped and injured family pets during natural disasters. 

Beyond Limits

(2010) Documentary Feature

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Cinematographer: Jeff Dolen

Director: Kent Bassett

Best Documentary - Hill Country Film Festival

Iceland Drone Montage

Filmed in Iceland over 4 days

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